cards (46K)FPR pre-design services are essential to starting a project on the right foot. With the thousands of decisions that will be made during the course of design and construction, why begin without the right information?

The seeds of project failure are usually sown in the early planning phase. To insure a solid foundation for design is established, FPR bases our services on the following principles:

  • Effective Communications
  • Client Involvement
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Definitive Closure
  • Decision Making
  • Appropriateness
Client involvement is critical as much of the needed innovation comes from employees as it does from FPR. Top management is involved to establish GOALS. This high degree of involvement ensures that inappropriate ideas are not forced on to the project design.

The major cause of problems is the lack of good communications. Presenting ideas and analysis in a wall display encourages the clear understanding of critical issues.

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