The Critical Workplace

The two most dominant characteristics of any type of mission critical facility are: RELIABILITY and SECURITY. That is why FPR devotes our creative energies in making sure the facilities we design exceed our Clients' expectations.

Reliability entails both good planning and good engineering. Taking the time to think through future possibilities and to add only the redundancies that" are needed will offer benefits for years to come.

A well-engineered facility allows changes within support systems without having to change the systems themselves. Good engineering provides a workplace that is quick to set up, predictable in performance and cost effective to operate.

The Flexible Workplace:
As a working environment, mission critical facilities need to foster employee interaction. They should be safe, productive, and visually uplifting. Wide aisles allow for safe moving of records and equipment. Indirect lighting provides uniform, fatigue-free light. Patterns and color enhance the environment while controlling stains and deterioration. In short, FPR makes the Critical Mission Facility the work place it should be.

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