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Design from the Inside Out

The heart of any facility is the process within. Without it, the facility is superfluous. This is why our design process is unique. FPR designs from the inside out. The building enclosure, the mechanical and electrical systems and the support spaces are designed to enhance the functional areas.

During the development of architectural and engineering plans, FPR maintains a consistent train of thought, starting with the process, the related workflow, material handling and worker safety. This attitude continues through to construction completion and equipment installation. Continuity is maintained from start to finish.

The detailed facility layout becomes a result of proper planning combined with particularly detailed requirements. An FPR design is successful because it is developed within the context of operational objectives, future options and technical requirements.

FPR architectural design connects our Clients' long-term objectives with their short-term needs. Innovation and technical expertise are brought together to provide a productive facility that successfully works today and successfully works in the future.

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FPR begins each design phase in our Clients' offices. We call these sessions "Squatters". They are well-organized, intensive work sessions where client and FPR team members come together for both programming and design. Here our team works hand in hand with members of the client's project team defining the project requirements and seeking design solutions. Working so closely with representatives of our client's organization creates communications that flow openly and that focus on the essence of the problem.

The ideas developed during a Squatters' week are displayed on a wall for all to review and discuss.

The time duration for Squatters varies with the size and complexity of the project. A project of 20,000 SF may require only a few days. Projects approaching 80,000 SF and larger will require a full week of work sessions and review meetings. Beyond that, as the project size increases our project team of architects and engineers increases. The variable is the size of our project team. Afterwards, back in our offices, the final program document, or design drawings will be developed.

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