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The Flexible Laboratory

labs (120K) The two most dominant characteristics of any type of laboratory are: Things will change, no matter what; and that the work environment is expanding electronically on an annual basis. That is why FPR devotes our creative energies in making sure the laboratories we design exceed our Clients' expectations as flexible workplaces.

Flexibility entails both good planning and good engineering. Taking the time to think through future possibilities and "known unknowns" will offer benefits for years to come.

A well-engineered facility allows changes within support systems without having to change the systems themselves. Good engineering provides a workplace that is reliable, predictable and cost effective.

The Workplace:
As a working environment, FPR believes that laboratories should be safe, productive, and visually uplifting. Wide aisles allow for safe handling of chemicals. Indirect lighting provides uniform, fatigue-free light. Material selection provides pattern and color while controlling stains and deterioration. In short, FPR makes the laboratory the work place it should be.

Developing a Forward Vision

It is not uncommon for FPR to renovate a laboratory facility that is five years old or less. What we have discovered is that the reasons behind the renovation are due to the absence of good facility planning.

The FPR approach to laboratory design begins with synthesizing wide-ranging issues and future looking concepts into a facilities master plan. The results may be an elaborate, large-scale concept, like the one pictured below, or a simple free hand sketch. Whichever is appropriate, our Clients are provided a road map to the future.

During the development of architectural and engineering plans, FPR maintains a consistent train of thinking, starting with the planning phase and continuing through to completion with equipment installation. Continuity is maintained from start to finish.

The detailed lab layout is a result of particular equipment requirements and long-range issues. The design is successful because it is developed with the appropriate context of objectives, options and technical requirements.

FPR connects our Clients' long-term objectives with their short-term needs. Innovation and technical know-how are brought together to provide a facility that successfully works today and successfully works in the future.

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