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Manufacturing processes can be so market driven that most managers would like to do away with columns and walls altogether. A roof to keep off the rain is all they need. Yet, the process has to be protected from more than just the elements. The FPR approach is to develop flexible facility layouts that do not interfere with the production process.

FPR devotes our creative energies to making sure that the production facilities we design exceed our Clients' expectations for:

  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Productivity
Flexibility entails both good planning and good engineering. Taking the time to think through future possibilities will offer benefits for years to come. Construction costs occur once - Operational costs are continuous.

A well-engineered facility allows changes within support systems without having to change the systems themselves. Good engineering results in the absence of unscheduled downtimes. It provides a workplace that is reliable, predictable and cost effective.

Life safety goes beyond following the building codes. It is so tempting to shave corners for the sake of expediency or cost reduction. No savings of time or money is worth jeopardizing employee safety.

As a working environment, FPR believes that production facilities should be productive and visually uplifting. Wide aisles allow for safe material handling and people movement. Proper lighting provides uniform, fatigue-free light. Color selection identifies work areas and utility types, as well as aesthetics. In short, FPR makes the production facility the workplace it should be.


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