Time Well Spent

The greatest impact to a project with the least financial risk is during programming.

Using the FPR approach, a major issue can be added, deleted or completely changed for the cost of a 5" x 8" card. This fact allows our Clients remarkable flexibility in making decisions.

The 5-Step diagram depicted earlier illustrates the flow of information from broad statements of direction, to specific and detailed requirements. This process from establishing GOALS to Stating the SOLUTION is a natural flow of activities, both for gathering information and for communicating results.

Programming is necessary because without a dedicated, initial phase for defining design criteria the ensuing design phases become disjointed. Decisions become arbitrary. Injecting project requirements during the design phases results in changes, re-design, extended schedules and budget over-runs.

Another reason for programming is the people who are responsible for the project or for its operations have a significant say in defining the design requirements. Improved efficiencies, productivity improvements and work enhancements often come from the people using the building. Their input is the best way to receive their buy-in.

A sure way to make mistakes is to rush and start without being properly prepared. At FPR we say


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